The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted style of our Christian worship in various ways in no small measure. Certainly, whenever schools reopen, other more safety protocols are inevitable.

As we settle into the new norm or standard COVID-19 has created for us, it’s time to think about what happens when our campus fellowship centres reopen. How can we begin to start preparing for growth enhancing activities after such an unprecedented change in the way we preach, gather, and worship?

How can churches survive and even thrive in a post-pandemic landscape? Isaiah 41:10

During today’s bible study we want to look at Growth Reproducing leaders, the path to moving forward after COVID-19.

In Genesis 1:24, God initiated a principle of life: everything reproduces after its kind.  Whatever talents, skills, and abilities God has graced you with, you should endeavour to pass them on to someone else.  John 20:21-23

As a leader, you should pass the wisdom, knowledge, commitment, and character that have made you successful, on to someone else. This is not a choice. It is ordained by God. John 20:21. Matt 28:19

And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach” (Mark 3:14).  Jesus chose twelve men. Among the twelve He drew three closer to Him to reproduce Himself in them.  He would eventually send them out to preach. His whole plan was to make these men into carriers of the Good News.  If they failed, then Jesus failed.

May we never fail our master in Jesus name. Amen

If we don’t build a culture of leadership development today, we’re going to have a deficiency of leadership in our pipelines tomorrow. Every day, we should be investing in our leaders and equipping them to lead those underneath them.

Billy Graham was once asked what he would do differently if he had his life to live over again.  He said, “Travel less and invest time in people.

As a leader, one of your main privileges is to equip the saints to do the work In God’s vineyard (Ephesians 4:11-13).

As a leader. Developing other leaders is your job. So make it a priority.


John Maxwell provides five steps in the process of reproducing leaders.

Step One: Model     

The process begins with the mentor doing the work or ministry while the mentee watches. 

Step Two: Mentor

The mentor brings the mentee alongside and allows him to be a part of the task and do some of it. Much communication should take place during this second step.  E.g. Elijah mentored Elisha. 2kings 2:1-14

Step Three: Monitor

The mentee takes over performing the task with the mentor alongside making sure things go well and taking over when it doesn’t.  The mentor should be positive and encouraging. When mistakes are made, mentors need to point out what was done well not just dwell on the negatives. Matthew 17:19 -21

Step Four: Motivate

At this point the mentee can do the task alone.  He is given the opportunity with continuous feedback to the mentor.  A mentor must encourage those under him to make improvements in their new responsibilities.  It is important for the mentor to stay with the mentee until success is realized. If your successor does not succeed, you are equally a failure.

Step Five: Multiply

Once the mentee does the job well, the last step is for the mentee to become a mentor. As teachers, the best way to learn something is to teach it.  Invest your time in people. Someday it will come back to you.


1. Pray for God to help you embrace the task of mentoring others.

2. With much prayer select the person or people you feel to mentor from your circle of influence. A good leader should be able to reproduce himself after leaving the office.

3.  Do not be high handed. Also give room for others to manifest their God’s given gift.

4. Learn a team work. Do not be Mr. do it all or do it alone. Learn to delegate duties. Ask for commitment. 

5. Look for Potential Leaders – As you use your influence to positively impact your team and others, be on the lookout for people who mirror your best efforts. These are the people who buy into the vision, who demonstrate initiatives, who serve as a reflection of the power of growth.

6.  Go only as fast as the mentee is growing.  Don’t push them faster than they can go. Never assume you are moving at the same pace.

Finally, Growing leaders grow leaders. 

Let me stop here for now.

Thanks for your time and once again, I appreciate the fathers in the house for this great privilege.

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