“To Reign, You Must Make your Biological Father’s Maximum your Minimum No Matter Who Your Father Is,” Cleric Charges Students

By Precious Kolade, Oluwatimilehin Adekanmbi

A Cleric, Reverend Sunday Akingbelure has charged Students at the Gofamint Students’ Fellowship 19th Biennial Conference to make their Biological Father’s maximum achievement their minimum achievement.

Reverend Akingbelure who was ministering on the topic “Born To Reign” at the opening of the conference noted that there are three births that determines a man’s destiny.

He stressed that Birth at Creation, Birth at Conception, and Birth at Redemption are the three key things that determines a man’s destiny, saying every child of God is created and configured to Reign, but at Conception, man lose this Destiny due to the fall of man and whoever is Redeemed by Christ discover the destiny back at the point of Redemption.

According to him, To Reign means to Rule, exercise dominion, refuse to be dominated, discern the occurrence of events on the face of the Earth, take charge and control circumstances, be the Number 1 not number 2, be preferred above all, refuse to be lost in the crowd of life, and to Make your biological father’s maximum to be your minimum no matter who your father was, saying you are not reigning if there is no significant difference between you and your ancestors.

He further stated that Success and Distinction in Life are not predicated on a man’s Location, illustrating that Joseph was a stranger in Egypt with the lowest chance of succeeding, yet he succeeded and became Second in Command in Egypt.

“When the spirit of reigning is upon a man, laws of nature are suspended for him, the impossible becomes possible. In life, what you don’t have you don’t give. You can buy the experiences of life, you acquire them. I know what it takes to Reign because I have the experience, I have failed and been poor, I was In Form 4 when my father died in the month of January and my mother in April, I experienced it all,” he added.

He concluded that “You reign when you make effort in life to beat the best and make up your mind to be relevant.

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